What does 3N1 stand for?
We have provided a one stop shop for your health and wellness needs. Our services include: 1. Physical (training and classes) 2. Mental (stress and sleep management or blocking self sabotaging behaviors) 3. Nutritional (meal plans, diet options, intuitive eating)all 3 services under 1 roof. Plus, you have 3 amazing owners looking forward to making your fitness journey the best it can be!

Where can I sign up? 
Right here! You can sign up for a membership online. Or, come to a free class and sign up at the gym.

How long are your classes?
Most of our classes vary from 45-60 minutes, but some are 30 minutes and noted on the schedule. 

Do I need to sign up for classes? 

We suggest you download our Zen Planner App to reserve your spot for classes. This will ensure the class will run and let the instructor know how to prepare for the class. If less than 2 people sign up for a class it may be cancelled. 

Will my membership start the day I pay?
No. Your membership starts when you come to your 1st class. We can put your membership on HOLD until you are ready!

If I have classes left on my current membership or package will I lose them?
If your membership is on HOLD for medical or vacation you will not lose any classes. If you have not used all the classes in your package and it is time to renew you will lose those classes, a new set of classes will start upon renewal.

What if I want to add a family member?
You can add a family member to any membership. The price will vary based on your current membership. So, please ask one of us for assistance!

Why do you charge an annual maintenance fee?

We do not charge start up or initiation fees, nor do we increase membership prices on existing members. We charge a $69 maintenance fee annually for the upkeep, upgrade, and maintenance of our equipment to keep it in working order and looking nice for our clients. This fee is charged every year in June.

What is 3N1’s contact information?
You can use this form, email us at info@3N1Fit.com, or call us at 734-369-3890